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October Lagos 365

So it out a bit late but sometimes you just want to have a beer and forget to finish the articles off

anyway some great reviews form contributors


its worth a click at least............

September Issue

the online magazine http://lagos365.com/news/ is out now

with stuff like this The article about places not on the main street was quite popular last month so this month we introduce you Santa Amaro, we like to call it the village as outside the city walls, this area has some great local places and is an area where the local portuguese live and relax. http://lagos365.com/news/?p=859

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The August issue out now about our wonderful city lagos


with stuff like this

Ok something new, we have on Abril 25th amongst all the bars is Mynt describing itself as a Cocktail bar. It has been said by one wit in the city that the sign is bigger than the bar.