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October Lagos 365

So it out a bit late but sometimes you just want to have a beer and forget to finish the articles off

anyway some great reviews form contributors

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September Issue

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with stuff like this The article about places not on the main street was quite popular last month so this month we introduce you Santa Amaro, we like to call it the village as outside the city walls, this area has some great local places and is an area where the local portuguese live and relax.

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The August issue out now about our wonderful city lagos

with stuff like this

Ok something new, we have on Abril 25th amongst all the bars is Mynt describing itself as a Cocktail bar. It has been said by one wit in the city that the sign is bigger than the bar.

Lagos Portugal news

July issue of lagos365 News out now

read stuff like this

No new restaurants opening last month but we look forward to something different for Lagos opening soon on Rua Lancerote de Freitas. The Gardenwill be an open air restaurant described on their facebook page as Moroccan restaurant · Burger restaurant see has been a long time coming and the owners have worked hard to get this open. We look forward to next month and reviewing this place

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May Issue taster Barfly The Lighthouse review

The Lighthouse 

this place was the Pickle and Pie on the Marina, which failed due to bad management. So now reopened it has stripped away the ‘irish’ theme. It has not changed in look, there is less sports  memorabilia around the walls, and it seems a bit bare, maybe a few more pictures would brighten it up. The pool table is still there with a number of TV for the sports events. 
The food offering has also been slimmed down, a typical pub grub menu which on the face of it looks good but the prices are higher than the average. for example Fish and Chips at 10.50€ can be found a lot cheaper in other similar places.
The drink offering is the usual range of local beers with cider and Guinness, and if you believe the advertising REAL ALE, but it is not. Real Ale is a cask conditioned beer, hand pulled from the cask, this would have been a first in Lagos. But, sadly is Keg Cream flow Old Speckled Hen, and my pint at 4.50€ was poor, if you want an English pint this is also available in other bars in town.
It is a nice place to sit on a sunny day but nothing new in terms of what is available elsewhere.
A common misconception by some people is that beers like Speckled Hen Smooth and the like are real ales, this is untrue and these are what are called Nitro Keg beers. These kegged beers are pasteurised at the brewery killing any live yeast and then sealed in pressurised kegs”
Want more information on the difference between Real Ale and Nitro Keg
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BarFly 2 from lagos365

A traditional portuguese treat now, opened last year but a must visit is Dona Ginga the special drink here is ginga and to quote the facebook page “The flavour of this is unique and  our traditional liquor, over time has been a living joy and inspiration to many fans, who found the cherry brandy in its unmistakable taste and aroma, the perfect partner for fun times surrounded by friends in our area is typically Portuguese .” served in a chocolate cup see
Its ten years since the three monkeys came to town and now down to one monkey, after ten years the Three Monkeys opened up to start another season. If you  dont know the bar, then its usually a bar full of Aussies getting really drunk, great music but it is not a place to have a quiet one with the missus. Well done Kendal and the monkey crew on the milestone.
Over on the Marina there  are a few changes West has closed but the Pie and Pickle has reopened as the  Lighthouse. Reviews in the next issue.
Another unique place in the city is Luissol, a bar which is basically a living room downstairs in a house, the owners are great characters and its position away from the main bustle in town gives it a quiet place to relax and talk. Slightly more expensive than most places but lovely selection of nibbles are provided. Have a look at the website and you will get the idea
The Camel bar is getting a makeover having been closed for two years building work has started so more news on that as we get it.
News reaching us as we go to press, there will be a new cocktail bar on Abril 25th (the main street)it was an ice cream shop last year, more news in the next issue.
It looks like the May issue will be a number of new places to look at..interesting

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