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A traditional portuguese treat now, opened last year but a must visit is Dona Ginga the special drink here is ginga and to quote the facebook page “The flavour of this is unique and  our traditional liquor, over time has been a living joy and inspiration to many fans, who found the cherry brandy in its unmistakable taste and aroma, the perfect partner for fun times surrounded by friends in our area is typically Portuguese .” served in a chocolate cup see
Its ten years since the three monkeys came to town and now down to one monkey, after ten years the Three Monkeys opened up to start another season. If you  dont know the bar, then its usually a bar full of Aussies getting really drunk, great music but it is not a place to have a quiet one with the missus. Well done Kendal and the monkey crew on the milestone.
Over on the Marina there  are a few changes West has closed but the Pie and Pickle has reopened as the  Lighthouse. Reviews in the next issue.
Another unique place in the city is Luissol, a bar which is basically a living room downstairs in a house, the owners are great characters and its position away from the main bustle in town gives it a quiet place to relax and talk. Slightly more expensive than most places but lovely selection of nibbles are provided. Have a look at the website and you will get the idea
The Camel bar is getting a makeover having been closed for two years building work has started so more news on that as we get it.
News reaching us as we go to press, there will be a new cocktail bar on Abril 25th (the main street)it was an ice cream shop last year, more news in the next issue.
It looks like the May issue will be a number of new places to look at..interesting

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