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The Lighthouse 

this place was the Pickle and Pie on the Marina, which failed due to bad management. So now reopened it has stripped away the ‘irish’ theme. It has not changed in look, there is less sports  memorabilia around the walls, and it seems a bit bare, maybe a few more pictures would brighten it up. The pool table is still there with a number of TV for the sports events. 
The food offering has also been slimmed down, a typical pub grub menu which on the face of it looks good but the prices are higher than the average. for example Fish and Chips at 10.50€ can be found a lot cheaper in other similar places.
The drink offering is the usual range of local beers with cider and Guinness, and if you believe the advertising REAL ALE, but it is not. Real Ale is a cask conditioned beer, hand pulled from the cask, this would have been a first in Lagos. But, sadly is Keg Cream flow Old Speckled Hen, and my pint at 4.50€ was poor, if you want an English pint this is also available in other bars in town.
It is a nice place to sit on a sunny day but nothing new in terms of what is available elsewhere.
A common misconception by some people is that beers like Speckled Hen Smooth and the like are real ales, this is untrue and these are what are called Nitro Keg beers. These kegged beers are pasteurised at the brewery killing any live yeast and then sealed in pressurised kegs”
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Dart said...

Nice blog. Heading to Lagos tomorrow for 10 days, third time in a row going there. Great spot. We try to avoid places on the Marina because there is better value in the centre of town, but you have to take it all in I suppose!

Anonymous said...

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the fact that this was over a year ago and maybe you should update these reviews! Seen as the lighthouse has changed ALOT the passed year!